How to use lube to make all kinds of sex better!

Many people think lube is only meant for people with difficulty lubricating. Framing lube use in this way can really shame people who prefer to have sex with lube, making them feel like a failure for wanting or needing a wetness boost. In this video we talk about how lubricant can be used for masturbation, manual sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, and external anal stimulation. We really think lube should be a staple in everyone's sex supplies, no matter the kinds of sex they have.

What lube should I buy for sex?

Lube is often seen as a product that is only useful for people with lubrication "issues", but we believe lubricants are an essential product for anyone's sex life, whether alone or partnered. In this video we discuss water-based, silicone, and oil-based lubes, their uses, pros and cons, and what to look for when you're buying lube!

Life after IUD: What to expect after you get an Intrauterine Device

Do a little Google search and you'll be bombarded with people reporting their complaints and horror stories about IUDs. Although IUDs usually don't come free of side effects, for most people they aren't as dramatic as the internet would lead you to believe. In this video Sarah and Brian discuss their first year using an intrauterine device for contraception. There were side effects, but they were not unmanageable!

You met online?!? A case for OkCupid

Online dating has become a mainstay of dating in this day and age, but not all sites are like the cheesy commercials you've seen on TV. In this video, we talk about our favourite dating site, OkCupid, how we met there, and some of our favourite and not-so-favourite aspects of the site.

Although Tinder seems to be an exceedingly popular choice among online daters these days, Brian and I are a little old school, favouring OkCupid, with its match percentages and profiles with more personal information. In this video, we talk about how we met on OkCupid and review some of our favourite and not-so-favourite features and phenomena.

Most importantly, if you've been contemplating joining OkCupid but are feeling anxious about it, we urge you to make a profile, even just a blank profile, right now! It's not so hard and it will help motivate you to meet new people and assuage your fears about online dating!